Nollywod Movie Spoof 2013

The Nollywood Movie Spoof

The Nollywood Movie Spoof Competition is an annual contest of parody & spoof designs done by amazing graphic artists and designers all-over Nigeria (and the world), making light jokes at Nollywood movies and its famous celebs. It is sometimes taken beyond Nollywood celebs but…. it’s all jokes and laughs here.

Yeah, we don’t want no lawsuits or people walking up to us in the streets for light jokes.

So basically, the Competition started like most terrible ideas; among friends who all shared a clear distaste for the quality of many Nollywood movies and figured that if Nollywood wouldn’t listen to the viewers when they spoke, then they’d listen better when they designed. The competition is in its 5th year although the dates for this year’s competition have not been confirmed. Still though, keep your eyes peeled for the prizes. Check out the link after the jump.

Nollywod Movie Spoof 2013 Nollywod Movie Spoof 2013  1044862_544537968944347_449697100_n  Nollywod Movie Spoof 2013

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