Channels TV Ident - Layrz

Channels TV Broadcast Identity Rebrand by Kanso

So Kanso Ogbolu, being the show-off that he is, took it upon himself to re-brand Channels TV.
The result: Nothing short of Amazing. High points are the attention to detail and crispiness of the animation sequences.

The challenge:

CHANNELS TELEVISION is arguably one of Nigeria’s most efficient news stations, delivering unbiased news and events as they happen around the country. As a child, I watched them come on to the scene and slowly take the spotlight from the country’s own television station, among others. As an adult, I have also watched them grow overtime, rapidly bringing to us the latest news around the globe as they happen. However, the same growth cannot be said about their brand identity. With more television stations coming up, many of them with clean and mature broadcast packages, one cannot help but wonder why the “best” news channel in Nigeria still retains a “1960” brand ID.

The solution:

Create a clean and mature brand ID that is befitting of their status in the broadcast industry

Channels-tv-ident-10 Channels-tv-ident-09 Channels-tv-ident-07

See the full project on his Website

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