Jega Spoof - Layrz


In tribute to the last election and the event that transformed Attahiru Jega from government officer to cyber-national hero (and scored himself an entry in the urban dictionary :P), Onuora Ikechukwu Onianwa went ahead and made a spoof of Jega. Because of chill reasons, people. If you saw the video, you’d know that this man is a class of fine wine.

Sip away!

11117903_1632591086974072_12543767_n11134425_1632591110307403_1454758720_n 11134172_1632591093640738_1209963556_n  11106477_1632591070307407_724390595_n 11101771_1632591083640739_313706397_n Jega Spoof - Layrz


You can find him and the rest of his work on Behance

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