Inspired by Africa: A brush story by Sabba di Samuel

Sabba di Samuel is a freelance creative artist/Illustrator/painter/interior designer//// …we might run of slashes here….from Prague, Czech Republic. In these series of artistic works, she employs a slew of digital, traditional and mixed-media techniques to bring her visions of Africa alive. Notice how textile print patterns are represented and used in some of the pieces.

One take-away here: We, as designers living either in Nigeria or Ghana or Kenya or Africa as a whole, are responsible for the visual language that describes Africa. If we fail to represent the true african spirit & culture, others will do it on our behalf and that is what the rest of the world will come to believe and accept as truth.

TLDR: Only we can tell our own stories, so design AFRICAN FOR AFRICA!

You can find her on behance and see more of her work here

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