#Found: Office Graffiti for VConnect Logo Rebranding #CreateLikeCrazy

Anthony “Anth Insecta” Ezeokoye is a mad man and what you’re about to read proves it.

About a year ago, Anthony together with his team of extremely creative individuals were responsible for graffiti-marking the VConnect CEO’s office. This year, They came back with a vengeance. The project was carried out with the hashtag ‘#CREATELIKECRAZY’. Collaboration among some of the most creative individuals in the digital art space was prime in making this project a remarkable piece of art.

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The artwork is conspicuously positioned to envelope the entire reception area. Observers expressed positive reactions towards the graffiti, saying it not only defies the norm of office setting in Nigeria, but also emphasizes the ideology of VConnect as a diversified brand with youth inclination and a contemporary aura. The graffiti incorporates the newly redesigned logo (designed by Anthony Ezeokoye – AGAIN!!!! – and Joseph Benson) and brand identity elements.



The artwork extends across three walls of the reception area; 2 opposite glass partition walls (5m x 1.4m and 4.5m x 1.4m) and a central wall (6.6m x 2.6m) which faces the double swing entrance door directly. It forms an almost seamless strip of artwork designed specifically to match the space provided. The central graffiti was hand-illustrated / painted on the initially plain wooden wall with white glossy paint finish, while the graffiti on the glass partition walls were digitally painted, printed on SAV materials and then applied directly on the glass wall, making it semi-see-through.


The project team:
Anthony Ezeokoye (@anth_insecta) – Concept artist/team lead,
Chidi Onah (@doskid) – Visual artist,
Tochukwu Udegbunam (@u_tbj)
Emezie Asogwa – Photography

Ugo Onah – logistics
Dinma Asogwa – Moral Support
Adesugba Adedapo (@collydeprime) – Visual artist
Bidemi – Photographic lenses
Daniel – Stunt Driver
Dufil Security personnel
VConnect staff

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