#Found: No one is bigger than Gala – Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark with their knack for the unusual have come, once again, with their hilarious creative take on the Gala brand. They created white-wash caricatures (this thing is catching up, isn’t it), smacked them in their natural habitat and blackmailed them all to shout “GALA” or face dire consequences. Really cool stuff.

10954321_10152829646672883_2248605799337233438_o 10985023_10152829650692883_556030627329871866_o 11096560_10152829638787883_1631607516979066767_o 11165140_10152829645172883_2652993160159823836_o

The team of designer rascals responsible for this krinkum krankum include:
ECD: Abolaji Alausa
ACD: Arawore Yemi
AD: Solomon Onyema-eki Osafile / Gabriel Olu’seun Olonisakin
CW: Micheal Olajide Gbolade / Eniola Johnson
ILL: Kro Rudonkodonk Onimole
3D: Olumaiye Aladeniji / Kanso ‘obk’ Ogbolu


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