#Found: Scribbles by Stan

Omo mehn, but we get talents for this country oO.

If you haven’t heard of Stanley Obende, then it’s okay. Grand-masters always hide behind their work, forming “low-key”. Let’s fix that real quick.

Stanley, or Stanch as he’s popularly known by, is an illustrative character creative who designs and creates comics. Still can’t recognize the name? He’s responsible for the comics Uhuru legend of the Wind Riders, Strike Guard and more recently Avonome. Currently, he works with Comic Republic Media

See some of the amazing lines he’s drawn!
10553797_10204055784661803_6369728225306492887_o Like · Comment353 Like · Comment6113 Stanley Stanch Obende added a Unlike · Comment10929

64765_10203097765751929_1025512254878173088_n 1525670_10201137014654377_887773223_n 10003918_10201568332917064_841517795_n 10417626_10201952583723094_3219122204179875121_n 10483903_10203517611487810_3318358316418761641_n 10624676_10203234120360709_6910961256128604371_n 10626680_10202541956977057_4751109004173216430_n 10978689_10203583822463043_8878912450098363199_n

Be sure to look out for the next issue of Avonome #2 coming out on 30/04/15

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