#Found: Amazing paint work by Raymond Minnaar


We recently stumbled upon this really amazing digital painter, Raymond Minnaar, who’s a character artist from South Africa. To say we were blown away is an understatement. There just aren’t enough words for this. Take a look.
4eb656dc39091823e372a4a8e4e3805c 51f1f2733084e07ba9581ae700e8b9bc d9d43bfbce1d87f793dd2e9990ac1d4c 471320de73dec698ee7cb2eb21944bf4

1960977_10206003174215772_6407090132411187254_o 10991289_10205764389686308_7204883889810082023_n 11011896_10206136630192088_4071975169352844798_o 11096388_10206118738424805_1555741890321909168_n 9975_4772822404096_1050264403_n 1891552_10206103372040655_8670472737171523032_o

You can find more of him on his Tumblr and Behance pages.

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