The dopest Naija HipHop Album Covers of All time (part 1)

Sup Guys.

I am back. Sorry for the slight break . Been busy as hell at work. You know how Nigerian advertising is na. When ‘The God king client demands for his deliverables…LWKMD …Who are we to say no? However As i was in my last article i am not in the mood to boggie today. i am going to leave all this hoes around me and focus on my brief for today.



Everyone has a list of preferences. You don’t have to agree with mine and that’s why we have a comment section. where you can pour out your grievances and heartfelt problems about my list. Who certified me to give this positions? What authority do i have to make these ratings and shit? I am thinking it’s going to be like the NotjustOk list palaver….where negroes went bananas over the fact that their best rappers were not on the list. This list shit. causes problem na mean. People are so obsessed with ‘number 1’ they’ll probably kidnap it and set up a shrine in their basement with candles, posters smeared with blood bowing down and mumbling shit. So normally as article writers do i won’t do because this shit would be no particular order or number..just reviews and posts…and also worthy it might be 20 ..30 and the end of the day.. whatever

(I am trying my best to hypnotize you readers from this numerical bondage)


Naijas’s Rap’s Abija awara eeeekun erukuu dragon spitting balls of brimstone shitting on any local rapper right now on the scene. The Nigga who dared to pimp slap bloggers and haters, walked on sepe waters and establish the pillars of indigenous rap on the mother land of the Niger.

When i first heard Olamide i had two feelings. Envy and love. Every rapper would confess a certain feeling of jealousy when they see the next emcee spitting dope shit. But what actually impressed me about son is that he was the perfect continuation of the legacy dagrin had started. now everybody wanna act like they knew when son was rapping his lungs out on eni duro wayback nam talking about. No big range. No groupies. No igbo sidekick. just raw yoruba banter and lamba.

Barigga’s truth.

Personally i was excited as fuck by the concept of the ‘baddest guy ever liveth’ album art, Olamide’s 3rd LP.

Shout out to August Udoh one of the best conceptual Photographers I know in this part of the world. I have always been a fan from afar, followed every work he’s done for Reminisce, MI, Chidinma, Wizkid and so many other artists. If you are a designer and he’s not part of the guys you follow on IG then you should be kobokoed seriously. His shots are breathtaking, grungy and very realistic.. capturing the essence of the object. He is also on behance if you care to search for him. With this particular design, he definitely killed the brief!


Son is all in the glory of the legendary ‘gunman pose’ draped up like ‘Jesus like’ or say ‘Julius Caesar like’ as a conqueror savoring the scent of his conquest. This shit gat me shouting in my office like a pregnant woman giving birth to two warthogs at the same time with sparks flying everywhere and the doctor jumping out the fucking window. Awesome design …lay out and fuck! the fonts?…  minimal and straight to the koko.

Aaaand…Let me remind that i wasn’t the only mofo shook over the gunman pose virus.

Olamides-Guman-Pose-DJ-Enimoney-600x600 Olamides-Guman-Pose-City-Fms-Uche

walegmanpose Z2B9MTQzKlnt3xgUZ4CYhVmm


Baba iya eyan.


I remember my first time meeting Lanre. Total dickhead (no homo) ..very cocky and confident but one hell of a bad ass freestyler. I looked beyond the ‘rap like jayz’ because i was impressed by son’s witty attitude of destroying every emcee that challenged him. Viper was the kind of rapper that made you doubt if you was in the right profession always picking his opponents wisely and stealing the show. This was before the groupies, 2 million Naira videos and YSG palaver. Philosophy student of the university of lagos (i was in creative arts) ..vector could argue for Nigeria.

Anyways i can never forget what he told me from wayback.

‘Mad monkey, I get am before no be property’.

So let me proceed with the koko of the matter instead of the ‘catching up, i used to know him personally bullshit.’

When king kong came out i got an alert from my former director at kuluya games, kunle…kunle is like my dealer when it comes to naija music always keeping up to date with the keen patience of checking out new shit from both pulse and notjustok. immediately, anything that comes from VEC i check out to see if the ‘were’ comes correct. and then BOOM

I see this art!


The art is an epitome of everything the song is saying and portraying. from the grungy effects to photo manipulation i gast to take a bow for DUKS ART for the idea and conceptualization. this is the kind of album art you take to the printers to get a proper large format printout..frame that shit and put where your kids are not going to freak out..maybe in your studio or study because the ilefo is scary. The idea of having vector all decked up looking like fela/angry gorilla with the drums and flute playing some atilogun/oro masquerade stomp the yard swag made me feel that vector had once again solidified his spot as one of the dopest rappers in town. Off course who also understands proper branding and image trading.

The remix is out and the follow up song art is banging as well! on the tail end of the art a signage is embedded as KCGraffix or something (I am really sorry, i could only get my hands on the fucking low res copy) anyway shoutouts to this real nigga. This time its the primate bursting out in anger about to whop everyone’s yansh and tear down the fucking city of mediocre song arts right here namean.. Iam also glad it had a once arch enemy turned useful alliance reminisce, Phyno the default rapper for the ndigbo department of rap linguistics no disrespect for uzi-kwenduuuu the fastest igbo rapper alive.(that i know of.)..don’t know who the fourth guy unless i do some digging!!!



Follow DUKSART on instagram @duksart ..son has some other mad graphic goodies in his bunker.


Words fail to support me in describing how really pissed that i could only lay my hands on the low res copy of another masterpiece of manipulation. No matter How much his stocks dropped, we can never deny the fact that this man was ‘THAT NIGGA’ before Nigeria could even dream of a music ‘scene’ not to talk of ‘industry’. He was your best rapper’s best rapper when your best rapper now was still trying to find his footing. We cannot overlook the bravery and valor of an emcee that singlehandedly raised the bar for rap music having the balls to oppose a whole label. . that shit was gangster as fuck..I remember my homies and i used to bump ‘Ehen’ and ‘big bros’ because we had no Nas and jayz beef situation..we had no big and pac shootouts ..but we wanted a controversy we could relate to ….


Times change..kings come and go..’Ijoba’s’ takeover and get toppled. but the Untouchable album art would forever remain a classic. Designed by the great maestro Abinibi (who is probably responsible for every Psquare album art you have seen) we see rugged man over looking the city of lagos like some sort of a dark angel. Grungy and breath taking when it was released it was some sort a solidification of the emcee’s position being that this was is last studio project.

Pretty decent album not as good as ‘ruggedi baba’ or ‘thy album come’… i am not here to rate the music but the art and i must say that this was the shiznit when it came out.

It’s pretty easy to find Abinibi when you google him. Son has an academy sef were you can go and study graphics…

This is part One but i’ll be back with part Two in a jiffy!!!


3 thoughts on “The dopest Naija HipHop Album Covers of All time (part 1)

  1. Hmmm… Other than the job done for Vector… well…errrr.. the rest are okay I guess, but the King Kong really beat it on the chest for moi 😀


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